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2015 market notes

Percent expected growth for Canadian GDP

Percent expected growth for American GDP

Growth in CA consumer confidence.

2015 construction base indicators

Percent expected growth : residential

Percent expected growth : commercial

Percent expected growth : industrial

Percent expected growth : DIY


The best teams win first, then go to the game.


    It's more than just a mark or icon, your brand is your promise to the world. The best companies build and protect their brand integrity with everything they have. Everything affects the brand and the brand means everything in the marketplace. A simple mistake in judgement at any touch point can have catastrophic results on brand awareness and equity. To build a strong brand it is critical to work with an agency who thoroughly understands the principles of brand management. We treat brands like our kids, and nobody threatens our kids!

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    If you don't know where you're going you have no chance of getting there... or anywhere. We build our clients detailed strategic maps to help them achieve their goals, and focused executional itineraries to keep them on track and ahead of the market. By using the right data to drive the plan we help our clients avoid wrong turns and we use landmarks along the way to measure results.

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    Anyone who knows what they are talking about will tell you that the key to a great relationship is communication. This is as true in business as it is in your personal life. If you are silent when you are expected to be talking, it won't be long until the communication channels, and relationship, break down.. Good communication strategy will help you correctly answer your audience when they ask "Do I look fat in these jeans?" We deliver the methods and the tools you need to keep your brand recognition positive and top of mind in any circumstance.

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2015 automotive base indicators


Percent expected growth for industry

Million new vehicles on the road

Value in billions of the CA aftermarket

Average vehicle age in North America


All the planning in the world is meaningless if you don't get it done.


    When developing executable solutions for our clients, we believe in a very simple principle. In order for a solution to be successful it must connect strategy to execution and be achievable, sustainable and measureable. Although simple, we take great care to ensure these criteria are met with everything we do. This approach to execution ignores glorification in favor of strategically directed results.

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    Every agency will tell you that they can think outside the box, as if that is the measure of greatness. We prefer instead, to think as if the box had never existed. By not limiting the outcome with artificial barriers we can work towards correct solutions regardless of where that takes us. However, it's all well and good to design a solution that looks like a million bucks, but if it is not achievable, sustainable or measureable to a positive outcome then it is useless. Form must follow function.

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    In many cases, a person's first experience with your brand comes through something they have read, usually in a communication, PR, or marketing collateral piece. It's in these first seconds that they decide how they feel about your brand and what kind of relationship they want to have with it. Good copy writing is often the most ignored executional element. The impact it can have - positive or negative - affects the health of the entire business.

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    With over 20 years of experience, there is nothing we can't get done. Truly, from printing to fabrication, to audio & video production and national media buys. From routine to mind blowing, we have the relationships and reach to make it happen. Our experience with project management and buying ensure cost containment and streamlined execution.

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    If your Apache IIS is causing the API to fail at your gateway you should probably call us. If you have absolutely no idea what that means, you should probably call us. We have over 15 years of experience designing, developing, marketing and supporting websites and apps of all types. Whether you need a simple brochure site, or a complex and completely integrated business solution, we release the super nerd, so you're taken care of.

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    Fulfillment is more than just sticking something in a box and throwing it in the mail. Whether we're taking care of a time sensitive multi-national campaign or supporting a single sales rep around the corner, we focus on delivering optimized professional solutions. We dovetail each custom solution with our production experience to ensure speed, stability and scalability. Anyone can do fulfillment, but it takes the right experience to ensure you won't get left empty handed when it matters most.

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2015 manufacturing base indicators

Percent expected growth non-tech

Percent expected growth high-tech

Percent increase in capital spend

Percent expected growth capacity use

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